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Thursday, January 08, 2004

FOX News finds WMD! 

March 24, 2003: 'Huge' Suspected Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq

Coalition forces discovered Monday a "huge" suspected chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, some 90 miles south of Baghdad, a senior Pentagon official confirmed to Fox News.

March 25, 2003: Chemical Suits, Gas Masks Are Some Signs Iraq Planning Chemical Strike

Thousands of chemical suits found at Iraqi positions, gas masks abandoned in trenches. The items, strewn across the desert road to Baghdad, could be clues that Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard may be plotting to unleash a deadly chemical strike.

April 4, 2003: Coalition Discovers Suspicious Sites Near Baghdad

NEAR BAGHDAD, Iraq  — U.S. troops on Friday found thousands of boxes of white powder, nerve agent antidote, unidentified liquid and Arabic documents on how to engage in chemical warfare, U.S. military officials said.

April 7, 2003: Preliminary Tests Show Chemical Weapons at Iraqi Site

KARBALA, Iraq — U.S. forces may have found banned chemical weapons stored in huge drums at a military training camp in central Iraq. Pentagon sources told Fox News a prisoner of war gave U.S. forces information directing them to a specific site outside Karbala, near a camp described as a military facility, and that preliminary field tests on substances found at the site suggest they contain several banned chemical weapons, including deadly nerve agents and blister agents.

April 7, 2003: Rush Limbaugh Confirms

"Our troops have found dozen of barrels of chemicals in an agricultural facility 30 miles northwest of Baghdad ... The discovery of these weapons of mass destruction doesn't surprise me."

April 11, 2003: Weapons-Grade Plutonium Possibly Found at Iraqi Nuke Complex

BAGHDAD, Iraq — U.S. Marines may have found weapons-grade plutonium in a massive underground facility discovered beneath Iraq's Al Tuwaitha nuclear complex, Fox News confirmed Friday.

April 11, 2003 Army Testing Trucks for WMD

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Anywhere from seven to 15 vehicles are being tested for possibly containing biological or chemical weapons and for serving as mobile weapons labs, Fox News has learned.

April 21, 2003: Officials Find Materials to Make Chemical Weapon

U.S. weapons experts in Iraq have discovered ingredients and equipment that can be used to make a chemical weapon, U.S. military officials confirmed Monday.

April 27, 2003: Troops Find Evidence of Sarin, Blister Agents

BAIJI, Iraq — U.S. troops found about a dozen 55-gallon drums in an open field near this northern Iraqi town, and initial tests indicated one of them contained a mixture of a nerve agent and mustard gas, an American officer said Sunday.

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