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- H. L. Mencken

Friday, January 16, 2004

Jonah Goldberg, lying liar continues to lie 

One of the most pervasive misconceptions among Americans in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq was thinking the whole world believed Saddam "Coward in a Hole" Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, however only the US and a handful of other countries were willing to go to war over it. Jonah Goldberg to this day continues to propagate this myth, or lie if you'd rather:

The position of most nations offering an opinion was one of agnosticism, that it was unknown if Iraq possessed proscribed weaponry or not. On January 14, 2003 France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated. "We believe, as Mr. ElBaradei said yesterday, that the inspections are a way for us to be sure of having the best chance of ascertaining whether Iraq has weapons or not. We want the assurance that Iraq has not acquired weapons of mass destruction."

In a February TIME magazine interview, prompted by a question whether Iraq had nuclear arms, Jacques Chirac responded, "I don't think so. Are there other weapons of mass destruction? That's probable. We have to find and destroy them. In its current situation, does Iraq-controlled and inspected as it is-pose a clear and present danger to the region? I don't believe so. Given that, I prefer to continue along the path laid out by the Security Council. Then we'll see."

Strangely enough, as late as February 2002, the United State's opinion was likewise agnostic, as represented by President Bush. In a February 16, 2002 appearance with the Turkish Prime Minister, President Bush told reporters, "I expect Saddam Hussein to let inspectors back into the country. We want to know whether he's developing weapons of mass destruction."

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