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- H. L. Mencken

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

President Bush proposes crazy and unrealistic compassion 

Last week, the White House announced it's intention to merge or eliminate job training and employment programs. Today, the President announced that "Our government will develop a quick and simple system for employers to search for American workers." Huh? Oh, I see it's part of immigration reform - "immigration laws should serve the economic needs of our country." What about the economic needs of unemployed Americans? The craziness of the plan doesn't stop there ....

Employers who utilize illegal labor are already violating existing labor laws. There's no incentive in the President's plan for employers to embrace a newfound desire to legitimize their labor - to begin paying Social Security on the wages they pay, pay state unemployment insurance tax on wages, follow OSHA requirements, pay overtime - or begin to follow any of the existing laws they're criminally circumventing - far less follow those as well as the new laws the White House proposes.

One has to question whether illegal workers will see any great advantage to follow any new laws, when they too are knowingly breaking existing laws. For one thing, Bush suggests that illegal workers pay a "one-time fee to register for the temporary worker program." Myself, I'd pay a one-time fee to get out of paying Social Security.

How about this idea for compassion: increase existing quotas and temporary work permits to reflect the actual labor needs of our economy and start to actually enforce existing laws?

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