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- H. L. Mencken

Monday, April 05, 2004

Bush: The $6 Trillion Dollar Man 

I find it troubling I've read or heard nothing of this other than directly from Kerry's website. news.google.com produces one result for "6 trillion bush kerry" - a reposting of the press release on a Spanish website. I listened to the O'Franken Factor. No mention. Have looked at all the blogs I regularly look at. Have looked at CNN.com, NYTimes, WaPo. No mention of Bush the $6 Trillion Dollar Man. If the Bush Campaign had produced a press release this morning "reporting" on Kerry, Rush Limbaugh and every other right wing radio and TV host would be repeating it. Blogs would echo it endlessly. Then it would be a front page news item.

Why is nobody following Kerry's lead on this?

Update 5:15 pm: finally, a NY Times article. Maybe bloggers read that more than Kerry's own site.

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