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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Living American recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics who support John Kerry for President 

Today, 10 out of the 27 living Nobel Prize winning economists endorsed John Kerry for President in an open letter to the American public,

We believe that [John Kerry] will restore fiscal responsibility. He is committed to making key investments in human capital, such as helping families meet the cost of higher education. He has a proposal that will address the problem of rising health care costs. We believe that he has both the ability and the commitment to work with our allies and trading partners to promote global growth that lifts up workers around the world.

John Kerry is our choice for America’s next President. We hope that you will join us.

The signers follow, with links to information about each:

Paul Samuelson Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Kenneth Arrow Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Lawrence Klein Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Robert Solow Endorses Sen. John Kerry
William Sharpe Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Douglass North Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Daniel McFadden Endorses Sen. John Kerry
George Akerlof Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Joseph Stiglitz Endorses Sen. John Kerry
Daniel Kahneman Endorses Sen. John Kerry

The positions of the remaining 17 are unknown:

Milton Friedman position unknown
Gerard Debreu position unknown
James M. Buchanan position unknown
Harry Markowitz position unknown
Ronald Coase position unknown
Gary Becker position unknown
Michael Spence position unknown
Robert W. Fogel position unknown
John Forbes Nash position unknown
Robert Lucas Jr position unknown
Robert Merton position unknown
Myron Scholes position unknown
Robert Mundell position unknown
James Heckman position unknown
Vernon L. Smith position unknown
Clive W. J. Granger position unknown
Robert F. Engle position unknown

In June, four dozen Nobel Laureates endorsed Senator Kerry for President in a similar open letter:

Presidential elections present us with choices about our nation's future. We support John Kerry for President and urge you to join us ...

[John Kerry] will support strong investments in science and technology as he restores fiscal responsibility. He will stimulate the development and deployment of technologies to meet our economic, energy, environmental, health, and security needs. He will recreate an America that provides opportunity to all at home or abroad who can help us make progress together.

John Kerry will restore science to its appropriate place in government and bring it back into the White House. He is the clear choice for America's next President.

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