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"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Recent developments in Swiftgate 

Former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland was rebuffed by the Secret Service when he ">tried to hand deliver a letter signed by 9 US Senators who are also veterans. The letter calls on Bush to condemn the content of Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth"'s attack ads. Bush spokesperson Scott McClellan referred to the attempted feat by the triple amputee as a "stunt".

Meanwhile, Swift Boat veteran John O'Neill, who has claimed in his book that Kerry could not have been in Cambodia in 1968 because no Swift boat was in Cambodia, has tried to explain that what he meant when he told Nixon, "I was in Cambodia, sir," was "I was about 100 yards from Cambodia".

The Dallas Morning News revealed that Bob Perry - the Republican allstar fundraiser who provided the bulk of SBVT's seed money and has denied that he's connected to the Bush campaign - is indeed directly involved with Bush's campaign as the co-host of a fundraising event next week. Through his spokesperson, Perry comments "I never approved the use of my name. I'm not going to be there." My analysis: it doesn't matter if you try to hide the fact you're involved, Mr. Perry, you're still involved.

Through his spokesperson, Bush announced his intention to sue 527s to stop their endorsement and attacks on candidates. It's unclear whether he means Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. I doubt it.

The most significant development in the last 24 hours was that in an unspoken admission of collusion, the Bush campaign's chief outside counsel Ben Ginsberg has resigned that position so he can continue to work with Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" while giving the appearance the efforts are plausibly unconnected.

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