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Monday, August 30, 2004

Say anything, Mr. President 

Today, President Bush appearance on the Today Show provided lots of comedy. When asked if he thought the deficit he was presiding over was actually pretty good, he agreed, "Yeah. I do. I do." The guy will just say anything. He also said that removing Hussein from power was not a popular decision in Iraq,

I made decisions on what I think is best for this country and yet the decision to remove the Taliban in Afghanistan was unpopular in Pakistan at the time. And other places it wasn't so popular either I might add ... same in Iraq, there's no question.

The contrast between that and is past statements is so absurd, citing examples is barely needed, but following are a few. In his April 5 radio address, President Bush reflected,

One Iraqi, when the coalition troops arrived, described the emotions of his village: They were waiting for you, he said, and all the people believe that America and Britain have come to liberate them, not to conquer.

Musing on the tone of Iraqi representatives he had just met with on December 15, 2003, President Bush noted,

The thing that struck me about the meeting was the kind of joy that they expressed about being free.

Speaking to military personnel at Fort Lewis on June 18, 2004, President Bush told them,

These are thankful people, because they know what you've done. They've seen firsthand the power of liberation. See, they have seen our mission. We don't come to conquer, we come to liberate.

He also conceded that his war on terror was not winnable,

President Bush: I have never said we can win it in four years.

Lauer: So I'm just saying can we win it? Do you see that?

President Bush: I don't think you can win it.

Again, examples of when Bush has claimed his war on terror is winnable are barely, needed, so here's a short snippet of a January 31, 2004 talk he gave to congressional leaders where he said we'd win it three times within the space of four sentences:

These are historic times, because we're at war - you're a war Congress. And this upcoming year we will continue to make sure our troops have what it takes to fight and win the war against terror. And not only make sure we fight and win the war against terror, but to make sure we continue to promote our values of freedom and, therefore, peace, in parts of the world where people long for freedom and peace, where people are desperate for freedom ... No question, we will win the war on terror by staying on the offensive.

Bonus blast from the past: President Bush reverses his opinion on the importance of UN resolutions within the same press conference.

I don't care what the United Nations has said over a decade; I don't care about all the resolutions passed ... [Saddam Hussein] just treated the U.N. as an empty debating society, as if their resolutions meant nothing.

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