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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More Ohio Republicans hoping their damnest for low voter turnout 

The Akron Beakon ran in August a report on a Bryan Williams, the director of the Summit County Board of Elections,"Elections chief fears scheme." It described how he felt voter registrations turned in by the AFL-CIO were tricking him into allowing the same person to vote twice. Some people have signatures look the same to him. I would hope a Director of Elections would have more confidence in elections staff to make good use of Social Security Numbers. Ye of little faith.

The same article also tells the woe story of Norma Williams, running around with her hair on fire because of a registration turned in by the Soros-funded ACT. The registration used a fictional address, nonexistent SSN, and a forged signature. Which leaves me wondering if she figured out who it was intended to register. Norma is reported as explaining, "It makes a lot of work for us to have to watch them very, very closely." In other words, she might miss noticing an invalid SNN or that a voter card is returned to her address unknown.

Reader Beth points to a Plain Dealer article from Saturday pointing out more voter registration difficulties in Ohio, involving "suspicious" registrations (See today's previous post "Ohio Secretary of state doesn't want too many people voting"). A issue looks frighteningly similar to part of the FL 2000 mess - it seems several registrations spell the same street name wrong - and use the same incorrect spelling.

The article doesn't mention if OH, like FL, requires that the voter themselves fill out the form - rather it makes an insidious implication that the registrations are bogus. But also in this article, Bryan Williams seems a little more humble, saying, "We are not certified handwriting experts, but we believe that these were common looking signatures," and that it's difficult for him to tell if the forms had been turned in by a group or individual.

It's impossible to tell if these articles sensationalize conversations with election officials, if they really are freaking out, or a combination. But we know a few people have suspicions that some forms have been turned in my people dull enough to think it didn't matter if they put an incorrect address or Social Security number, and/or immeticulous enough to catch the errors or fraud in the registrations they were voucing for.

Great, make sure everyone is registered once. Congratulations to the elections staff for being on the ball and catching numbskulls acting stupidly if that's the case. Congratulations for being more diligent than the Florida elections staff who drooled that they had let 46,000 nitwits register to vote in both FL and NY.

Another claim staked out in the Plain Dealer article comes from Republican Lake County Prosecutor, Charles Coulson (seriously - that is his name), "We've seen voter fraud before, but never on this level." Coulson eagerly hopes that Lake County Republican Sheriff Daniel Dunlop's investigation into whether a someone who registered is now alive or dead is, in fact, dead.

Both Sheriff Dunlop and Prosecutor Coulson are up for reelection November 2 - running unopposed.

And it damn well better stay that way. (Kidding).

But lets be serious - these days, every purchase we make is analyzed compared and scrutinized, and our junk mail is tailored to someone exactly like our spending habits reveal. If someone is behind on a few bills in in Maine, they might be turned down for a department store charge card in New Mexico. Computers can instantly catch duplications or inconsistencies in voter registrations. These types of shenanigans are if anything, fun to watch.

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