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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

News items 9/22/2004 

The Washington Post reports on Bush and Kerry's preparations for the debates. Much more information is offered about Bush than Kerry. Kerry will prepare in Wisconsin - a swing state, Bush will prepare on his fake ranch in Crawford, TX. Bush has been preparing since July, concentrating on Kerry's website, record and past statements. More proof Bush doesn't know what the hell he's doing himself. Also interesting is the fact they're having NH Senator Judd Gregg play Kerry in the mock debates - same dude they had play Gore in 2000. Odd, as Kerry is an agile speaker; Gore is more targeted towards what he knows he wants to say, "stiff", some call it. Maybe the guy playing Kerry is an agile actor, which would beg the question, "Why are the Republicans running Bush instead of that guy?" After all Gregg is up for re-election this year, he might as well be running for President.

In a new ad, the Bush campaign continues to assert that Kerry frequently changes positions. A pen-pal who would vote for Stalin if he said he was pro-life mentioned to me that Kerry was a flip-flopper. It surprised me as I think she's quite bright, but when I pressed her for an example of something important that Kerry had actually changed positions on, the best she could come up with was that he owns an SUV despite pushing for higher CAFE standards. Which of course isn't a real issue because higher CAFE standards apply to SUVs as well as cars. The strategy of painting Kerry as a flip-flopper certainly makes people who would vote for Bush anyway like Kerry less, but it seems to me that Kerry should be able to turn the Bush campaign's mischaracterizations into a liability for Bush.

John McCain and Russ Feingold are busy trying to close the 527 loophole their campaign finance reform bill left open. Good for them. Bush is one step ahead of them by already claiming the existence of another loophole which they say is allowing them to spend GOP money on Bush election ads simply by inserting the words "our leaders in Congress". Strange how the same people who speak of flipping and flopping and black robed tyrants think of the law as a piece of clay available to mold to their liking.

The Senate confirmed Porter Goss as the new Director of the CIA. I haven't been following it closely, but it seems to me that they could have found someone more qualified than Goss, who has not been in the CIA since the Cold War. And has been a Republican in the House of Reps since. Kerry can fire him if he really isn't a good guy for the job, and if Bush wins in November, he's not going to care what the CIA say or wants to do anyway, so it's not overly concerning me.

I would like to thank my would-vote-for-Stalin pen pal Beth for pointing out that by posting links to news articles with little or no commentary is lazy. It is - I rather egotistically thought people would be overjoyed to see links to items I didn't have commentary on, rather than seeing nothing ... in other words, I opted for an easy post that's not worth a lot. I'll tack on those items at the end of the "news items "xx/xx/xxx" posts from now on.

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