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Friday, September 24, 2004

News items 9/24/2004 

New charges in the prisoner torture and murder scandal continue to pile up. Yesterday, three more Navy Seals were charged. The Army will soon court-martial poster girl Lynndie England. In my opinion, that most American media refer to torture and murder as "abuse" when done at the hands of Americans is almost as shameful as the events they refer to. I've been meaning to compare the events of the last few years to bin Laden's famous 1998 fatwa for a while ... it's creepy - in a way it seems like OBL and the Pentagon Hawks are on the same side.

That Kerry and Bush are trying to be different sides of the same coin is overt. The advantage is a reversal from the period of the Bushite's claims that Kerry shot himself - but not while in Cambodia: charges that Bush has his "eye off the ball" make it into the news earlier in the day and closer to the front page than Bush's responses that Kerry is not able to "lead this country".

As I like to note in every other post these days, events seem to be confirming my confidence that Kerry has been intentionally tiring the Swashbushler by constantly staying just outside his misura larga, waiting for the opportune moment to advance his contratempo. He turned the melee of the primaries to his advantage and ... OK, OK, I'll stop and just note that despite the candidates' Skull and Bones brotherhood, Kerry seems much more the type to have an interest in Rapier and Cloak than Bush. Bush could probably smear Kerry at Wack-a-Mole though.

Not surprisingly, House Republicans likely derailed implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations this session by bludgeoning the bill with secret spending and beefcake border control measures. Not that that's all bad - I don't think having a Director of Intelligence (read: bloating government more) is our rosetta stone.

The first two paragraphs of of an article outlining errors made which account for the miniscule participation of Iraqis in policing themselves are worth reproducing here:

The police outpost here is supposed to house 90 armed members of Iraq's National Guard. Their job is to keep watch over a stretch of six-lane highway, deterring insurgents from laying roadside bombs and trying to blow up a bridge over the nearby Tharthar Canal.

But when the U.S. Marine commander responsible for the area visited the outpost this month, he found six bedraggled guardsmen on duty. None of them was patrolling. The Iraqi officer in charge was missing. And their weapons had been locked up by the Marines after a guardsman detonated a grenade inside the compound.

I see the root of the problem as more fundamental, however. A handful of neoconservative dispensationationalists figured at least a few pages in God's book described how after they extricated themselves from the smother of flowers tossed by children, they could let out a long fruit basket flavored burp and figure out how to provide sufficient laundering services for Iraqi Guard and police uniforms. The Iraqis would want to look distinguished while serving up the dead-enders who would be humming that Emerson, Lake and Palmer song about Jerusalem after a few meals eaten out of the toilet and a couple naked pyramid drills.

Speaking of Jerusalem, the photos accompanying this post are illustrative of the progress of the construction of the so-called Israeli security fence being built in Palestine. I believe it's long past time to abandon that euphemism for something more descriptive. I might have a post on the wall soon, but it might not be longer than, Duh, Israel can do whatever the see necessary to protect themselves, but there's a sharp distinction between Israel's right to build whatever they see fit in Israel and building a wall in Palestine.

A new Time poll is out, showing Kerry halving to 6 Bush's lead in the last two weeks. It's added to my chart of the 10 polls I'm tracking.

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