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"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
- H. L. Mencken

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

WaPo reports some Democrats getting a little bit too excited 

Reactions to Kerry's speech at NY University selected from a Washington Post article,

Mario Cuomo was glowing after John Kerry's Iraq speech Monday at New York University: "Great! Excellent! Masterful!" raved the former New York governor, who sat near the front. "He's never been clearer. He's turning this thing around."

And then, just as his handlers hustled him away, Cuomo turned to yell a few words of advice over his shoulder: "Now what he needs to do is be specific, hard, truthful, do more of the same."

Timothy Paulson, political director of the New Democratic Majority, rushed up to Kerry as he walked in to tape the Letterman show and gave him his hand. "You're on the right track now, man," he told Kerry. "And he gave me the eye, like 'Are you saying I wasn't before?'"
Afterward Prema Dordeodhar was "walking on air," she says, sounding as unambivalent as a Bush fan. "He was amazing, like a leader from the olden days. He projects such power, such strength.

"I feel like he could take over the whole world," she says. "Couldn't he?"

I mean, like, yeah. The greatest danger at this point seems to be coming from Kerry supporters who almost seem to be expressing that Kerry has in the past been something other than consistent and spot-on.

As many have said and I've said here, Kerry likely planned to save most of the fuel for towards the end. Maybe we're seeing the beginning of the full-throttle campaign. On Monday night's Letterman show, Kerry noted people say he's a strong finisher - as if he was surprised that that was the strategy people were seeing from him.

I had anticipated he wouldn't go full steam until during the debates. But after seeing it, it makes sense to go into the debates on the upswing: within 24 hours, Kerry hit The David Letterman Show and Live with Regis and Kelly; the campaign launched a new ad and Moms with a Mission; Kerry gave a major foreign policy speech at New York University and a press conference in Florida (the first in many weeks) and VP candidate Edwards made appearances on Lou Dobbs and in Ohio.

Kerry knows what he's doing. Five victorious campaigns in a row, not including primaries. Stuff like that.

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