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- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dinner at Nick's and what not to buy at health food stores 

team effort

Nate grilled the steaks outside in the sleet, Nick made the salad and salad dressing from scratch, I made the stir-fried vegetables. Nobody saw me put the secret ingredients in the vegetables: dill, sage and 1/3 pound of minced catfish.

Here is everybody, starting with the obviously half-Jap brothers: Jamie, Nick, Anna, Nate, Kella.

the team

As everybody sighed heavily at their empty plates waiting to be washed, I noted that men did all the cooking. Bitches thought I was joking.

Anna, who has worked at a new age/health food/supplement store named ear candles as the biggest rip-off among the products they sold when asked. Which is saying a lot being that they also sell bundles of sage guaranteed to drive evil spirits when burned in newly acquired living quarters. Waste of sage!

Nate recently returned from a stint at a Buddhist monastery in California - not meditating but laboring building a new temple in the middle of wilderness - he was brought in to do "decorative and structural statuary". He did have to abide by the monastery's rules. He decided the gig wasn't for him. Some of the monks were egocentric pricks, apparently.

Kella has just bought and moved into a condo. She has discovered that her dad, who she works for, does not immediately notice when his radio station is changed from the right-wing AM talk station to the FM oldies station. Everybody enjoys working more if her fat dad is just fat and not angry at liberals.

Jamie, my good friend Nick's brother, moved to town to run a film organization recently. There are new stories about their childhood in Kenya coming out. I had not before heard about their devoutly Christian servant who approximately twice a year would drunkenly bring home multiple prostitutes.

I handed out Pink Lady apples in a bar later on. I am an enthusiastic advocate for Pink Lady apples.

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