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- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, December 23, 2004

If the neocons guided the Cuban missile crisis 

ate these, like last week.

Reading R.F.K's Thirteen Days, A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis ... I don't need to add my emphasis, things will stand out on their own,

But before these reports [of Russian missile buildup in Cuba] were given substance, they had to be checked and rechecked. They were not even considered substantial enough to pass on to the President or other high officials within the government. In retrospect, this was perhaps a mistake. But the same postmortem study also stated there was no action the U.S. could have taken before the time we actually did act, on the grounds that even the films available on October 16 would not have been substantial enough to convince the governments and peoples of the world of offensive missiles in Cuba. Certainly, unsubstantiated refugee reports would not have been sufficient.

- Robert F. Kennedy
"Tuesday morning, October 16, 1962 ..."
Thirteen Days

Neocon approach: "Missile sites in Cuba? OK, but whacha got on Iraq?"

Kennedy also relates the story Kerry told on the campaign trail,

And in these present days of strain, it is well to remember that no country's leader supported the U.S. more forcefully than did France. General de Gaulle said, "It is exactly what I would have done," adding that it was not necessary to see photographs, as "a great government such as yours does not act without evidence."

- Robert F. Kennedy
"It was now up to one single man."
Thirteen Days

Neocon strategy: "France, she uill neveh be ouer equals. If France, she give us the test and uee fail, this is victory, she is ouers!"

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