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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Men in cahoots discuss men in black 

Rush Limbaugh had Mark Levin on his show earlier this month. Levin is author of "Men in Black", a new book about the evil men and women of the Supreme Court. Here, the motivation for writing the book was discussed, some emphasis added for easy scanning,

RUSH: ...We'll get into what's in the book, but what was it that caused you at this point in your life to do to want this?

LEVIN: Well, you know, the book is written for the public, not for you know, Main Street, not for Harvard square. It's for regular Americans so they can understand what's happening to their government, how the Supreme Court is disenfranchising them and what they can do about it. There's really not a year that goes by, Rush -- and you talk about it all the time -- when there's some case that comes down, some decision that is really shocking to the American people, whether it's conferring rights on terrorists or conferring benefits on illegal immigrants and on and on and on. So I thought it was time to really dissect this, really get into this -- especially since we're about to have a major battle over the Supreme Court when the president nominates one, two or three justices in the future. So I'm really trying to arm people who are interested in this subject with information so they can take it to their representatives and participate in this fight.

RUSH: That's the point. The point is you're trying to affect the knowledge of the American people so that they can then influence the people they elect to then wield that influence in a productive way. This is something you're aiming right at the hearts and minds of the people in the arena of ideas.

LEVIN: Yeah. I mean, you know, the public stands there. We watch these left-wing groups savage one outstanding judicial candidate after another. We stand there and we watch the Supreme Court issue one outrageous policy decision after another ...

So the book is to "affect the knowledge" not of "Main Street" Americans but of "regular Americans". OK, whatever. But let's look at the makeup of the court that hands down one "outrageous" decision after another while "left-wing" groups obstruct outstanding judicial nominees,

Oh, my! Seven of the nine of the sitting justices authoring "really shocking" decisions are Republican appointees! How shocking!

There is nothing traditional or conservative about a movement that disparages both the "left" and a governmental institution seven-ninths of which was built by Republican presidents over the last 35 years.

Sure, anybody has the right to disagree with Supreme Court decisions - and to be vocal about it, but to place blame by implication on "left-wing" groups is ludicrous. That Rush Limbaugh embraces this dolt as the "director our legal division here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies" is proof positive that the Republican party has recently been co-opted by extremists who are using the party as a tool to implement their radical agenda.

Case closed.

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