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- H. L. Mencken

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hindrocket is such an idiot 

Hinney is so dumb it's impossible to get angry about his ineptitude. After charging that the Republican Schiavo talking-points memo circulated by Sen. Martinez' office was a "democratic dirty trick", he blurts about aimlessly for a full 1600 words then blames his own stupidity on Sen. Harkin - the Democratic senator who leaked the memo to the press after Martinez distributed it, and also claims to have been misled my the media,

The disclosure of Senator Harkin’s role in the story raises further questions. Where has Harkin been for the last two and one-half weeks? ... To our knowledge, no one has asked Harkin to explain his weeks of silence.

While the creation of the "talking points memo" didn't turn out to be a Democratic dirty trick, the media’s treatment of the memo was misleading at best.

Heh, "further questions". He's a maschochist.

Mediamatters documents how widely saturated media was with unfounded claims that the memo was fake or produced by Democrats. Damn liberal media.

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