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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Did we invade Iraq because there were no WMD? 

In an in-depth commentary on the Downing Street Memo, Mark Danner makes an interesting observation in the NY Review of Boooks,

The inspectors' failure to find weapons in Iraq was taken to discredit the worth of the inspections, rather than to cast doubt on the administration's contention that Saddam possessed large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

Oddly enough, Saddam's only effective strategy to prevent war at this point might have been to reveal and yield up some weapons, thus demonstrating to the world that the inspections were working.

The article relates an insightful birds-eye view of how the invasion was born into existence, drawing heavily from the Downing Street Memo, but also from various administration interviews from various sources.

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But, but that's a brilliant strategy. Lets hit 'em because they don't have the weapons we don't want them to. Nagh nagh! We'll teach them to strut and posture, menacing the mullahs in Iran. Now they'll think twice before they decide to wish they had the same nukes that Israel has and Iran is trying to get. At least until the Shiites gain the ascendency in Iraq and decide to merge with Iran and form a militant Muslim superstate that hates. . .us. Oh shit, isn't that what the old man helped install Saddam in the first place.
No, we invaded Iraq because:
1 - The terrorists actually are doing the US a favor by attempting to destroy what a small minority don't appreciate, or, are to stupid to want to protect.
2 - The insignificant, yet vociferous minority that hate the US would rather have friends amongst the wothless frogs.
3 - Terrorists believe that all people in the US are cowards because of a few.
- YoMama
Anonymous -

And you're too chicken to even reveal your identity? What gives?


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