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- H. L. Mencken

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Gotta get our war on 

I missed this,

A former Bolton deputy says the U.S. undersecretary of state--who is President Bush's nominee for United Nations ambassador--believed Jose Bustani "had to go," particularly because the Brazilian arms-control specialist was trying to send chemical weapons inspectors to Baghdad. That might have helped defuse the crisis over alleged Iraqi weapons and undermined the main U.S. rationale for war.

Can't have any weapons inspectors mettling with important war plans, can we?

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I read about this in a local paper about 70 miles east of Lincoln Nebraska when I stopped to have dinner. The same paper had a front page piece about the Downing street memo. It was definately not a liberal newspaper either. On my trip across country to get to Portland I found increasing evidence that a lot of Bushites are getting angry about the lies of Dubbya. By the way I had a great trip out here - few snags along the way.


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