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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadian Conservative Party trounces GOP in election 

Excerpts from the victorious Canadian Conservative Party's platform:

Reform the financing of federal political parties

Under the Liberals, money and influence have played far too large a role in Canadian politics. During the sponsorship inquiry, Canadians learned of envelopes full of cash being used to fund Liberal Party campaigns, and of money from government contracts being funnelled back to the Liberals. The "pay to play" years in Liberal Ottawa must come to an end.

Toughen the Lobbyists Registration Act

Under the Liberals, lobbying government - often by friends and associates of Paul Martin and other Liberal ministers - has become a multi-million dollar industry. Senior Liberals move freely back and forth between elected and non-elected government posts and the world of lobbying. Liberal lobbyists have accepted success or contingency fee arrangements where they don't get paid unless they deliver the policy change their clients want.

Make qualified government appointments

The Liberals have repeatedly appointed insiders, in some cases completely unqualified, to important public offices. Liberal candidates and MPs have received appointments as heads of Crown corporations, board members, and ambassadors. Liberal staffers, including some of those responsible for the sponsorship program, have worked their way into key positions in the public service.

Clean up the procurement of government contracts

Under the Liberal government, abuse of the government contracting process has become commonplace. Former Liberal cabinet minister Art Eggleton, for example, awarded an untendered contract to a former girlfriend. He was later appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin.

A Conservative Government will not initiate or support any legislation to regulate abortion.

Provide real protection for whistleblowers

There have been many examples over the years of reprisals against government whistleblowers, including public servants who helped reveal the sponsorship scandal, and others who exposed waste and abuse in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Strengthen Access to Information legislation

The Liberal government has consistently rejected attempts to provide Canadians with better access to government information.

Creating jobs and growing Canada's economy

While Liberals have been enriching themselves through their culture of entitlement, many Canadians - especially those who work in the manufacturing sector - have been suffering. Twelve years of empty Liberal promises on prosperity, productivity, and growth have done nothing to help Canadian businesses face increased competition from around the world.

Limit growth of spending on grants and contributions and in government departments and agencies

During the last five years, federal government departmental spending has grown to an unacceptable level. Far too much taxpayers' money is absorbed by the Ottawa bureaucracy or spent on ineffective or inefficient programs.


A Conservative government will demand that the U.S. government play by the rules on softwood lumber. The U.S. must abide by the NAFTA ruling on softwood lumber, repeal the Byrd Amendment, and return the more than $5 billion in illegal softwood lumber tariffs to Canadian producers.

Invest in effective gun control

A Conservative government will maintain the existing handgun registry and bans on all currently prohibited weapons. A certification system requiring a background check and safety training for all those wishing to acquire and use firearms legally.

Securing our borders

Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and outbreaks of disease world-wide have focused the spotlight squarely on the Liberal government's inaction regarding terrorist and other threats here at home. Four years of inaction since September 11, 2001, have left the federal government ill-prepared to protect Canada's national security. The March 2004 report by the Auditor General criticized the government for failing to create an integrated security system. The March 2004 report of a bipartisan Senate committee concluded Canada was "unready" to respond to a terrorist attack. Even the government's annual National Security Policy review released in April 2005 identified 12 government priorities that have still not been improved or addressed.

Security for seniors

The Liberal track record for Canadian seniors is a sad story of unfair taxation, poor government services, and now an inexcusable policy blunder that has destroyed the retirement savings of Canadians invested in income trusts. It is time for a government that respects those who have spent their lives raising families, saving for their retirement, and building this country.A Conservative government will: Confirm its commitment to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) as well as the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) as fundamental guarantees of income security in retirement years.

Fight congestion through public transit

Improved public transit usage will help both reduce traffic congestion in our urban centres and reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions. Canadians must be encouraged to choose transit by making this option more financially attractive.

A cleaner, healthier environment

For all the Liberal talk about the environment, they have done nothing to clean up the environment here in Canada. They sign ambitious international treaties and send money to foreign governments for hot air credits, but can't seem to get anything done to help people here at home. A Conservative government will implement a "made-in-Canada" plan focused on ensuring future generations enjoy clean air, clean water, clean land, and clean energy here in Canada. A Conservative government will develop a Clean Air Act to legislate the reduction of smog-causing pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), and particulate matter. Address the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), with a made-in-Canada plan, emphasising new technologies, developed in concert with the provinces and in coordination with other major industrial countries.

Promoting arts, culture, and competitive sport

Canada is a nation of great artists and athletes. Arts, culture, and sport all make essential contributions to our national identity. A Conservative government will: Establish a Francophone Secretariat within the Department of Canadian Heritage. Language is an integral part of culture and heritage and should form the basis of decision-making for the Francophone cultural and artistic community. Ensure that the CBC and Radio-Canada continue to perform their vital role as national public service broadcasters. Preserve the role of the National Film Board, the Canada Council, and other federal arts and culture agencies.

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Was this of interest to you before you knew they won?
I don't follow Canadian politics closely, but maybe closer than most. I knew the cponservatives had been making headway with the "clean up corruption" message.

Last night, I went to their platform to see if they had a stance on abortion and was struck with the fact the first several items read like a 2006 Democratic election platform. So made a post.
What is their stance on abortion?
p31: A Conservative Government will not initiate or support any legislation to regulate abortion.

Thanks, I'll add that now!
Well then, I was going to say they seem like good Compassionate Conservatives, but I guess not really.
hello, i'm from canada and my father was a Conservative M.P. for 22 years. I went to high school in Pennsylvania and college at Stanford, taking PolSci.
You have perceptively noticed the very key in comparing our two countries political representation. Since the middle or centre-point in Canada is quite to the Left of what it is in the States, our Conservatives historically don't coincide well with U.S. Republicans. Many Conservatives in Canada like myself would be a DNC Democrat in the States, if they only knew better. Unfortunately many of them, not having lived in the States like I have, do not see the danger on the Republican Right Wing and too often, perhaps increasingly, have become apologists for the Republicans, thinking of them like our own Conservatives. But how little do they realise that the U.S. Republicans would eat them for breakfast like a Crocodile. And then, correlatively, we have a huge rather unthinking Left-wing in Canada who seems to think that hand-outs and entitlements are like leaves on the trees. Our Media favors the left, hence the corrupt Liberals. I see your MSM as really going way to soft on the Republicans, in contrast. Finally, I'd say we'd have very few "Neo-Cons" in Canada, though the Left accuses or slanders the Conservatives all the time as such. It is not so. Most are pretty good people. Our typical Liberal would look like Gloria Steinam while our typical Conservative would look like
President Ford - yes, Beth, that's basically correct, a more compassionate crowd by far than the Right Wing in the States. imho


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