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- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Protecting us from animal-human hybrids 

PZ Meyers,

He's trusting that everyone will think he is banning monstrous crimes against nature, but what he's really doing is targeting the weak and the ill, blocking useful avenues of research that are specifically designed to help us understand human afflictions. His message isn't "We aren't going to let the mad scientists make monsters!", it's "We aren't going to let the doctors help those 'retards.'"

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The way he was wording it it would also stop the cloning of specific organs based on the recipients DNA to make them less likely to be rejected. Of course if you hae a shit ton of money you will likely be able to go to Europe for those kind of treatments before too long. Bet you Cheney would have no issues with cloned parts or even parts from an ape if it would save his life.


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