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Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's all about voting against liberals 

Beth ends as agrily as she starts,

Okay, something else that bugs me. When scientists come up with a theory, it's like gospel truth for some people, but if other scientists who come up with opposing theories they are wrong. Why can't people accept that the opposing view could be the accurate one?

I've not a definate grasp on who exactly Beth means by "some people", but am confident she means "liberals".

Scientists don't ever "come up with a theory", they come up with hypotheses. Theories are hypotheses which have stood up to repeated scrutiny and best fit the observations.

Right-wingers such as Beth base their outrage, as we have seen, on imaginary people who hold imaginary opinions, although there may indeed be at least some people holding at once all the opinions they find foul. But in order to view themselves as the silent majority as they do, the imaginary segment becomes in their minds a monolithic force in which all of their grievances are encapsulated as one.

Here, I can imagine that Beth is thinking of scientists who believe Man's activities influence the increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and that evolution can produce divergent species no longer able to produce fertile offspring. But that is just a guess. But I really can't argue with her as the only certain assertion she makes is that she's pissed off.

Being pissed off that scientists can confidently say Man attributes to climate change is maybe something Beth could understand if she tried a bit, but it sadly seems that everything Beth sees as wrong with the world can be remedied by voting Republican. She knows that Republicans are angry with liberals, and and that's enough for her. Even if the next Democratic presidential candidate didn't fake a Purple Heart, she still has resons to vote for the opposition.

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Looks like you like making up theories, Erik.
Do you have a better theory that explains why you're a Republican Sympathiser and will vote Republican for the rest of your lifem nomatter how wrong you realize your beliefs are?
Um, I think my beliefs are right! And I think Democrat beliefs are very wrong!
So it's a simple matter of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"?
Could you ever vote Republican?
I'm so glad your back (and that I took the chance to see if you were back). Science has been so poorly taught over the years that "theoritically" and "theory" mean the same to almost everybody. Also, the news tends to report on papers that haven't been independently verified, another scientific principle. With the No Child Left Behind Act, schools now teach science with less on the scientific method, and more on the "answers". I give this country another 50 years before it self-destructs (my hypothesis).
Beth - is that a "yes" to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? And yes, I can easily envision many situations where I'd vote for someone running as a Rupublican.

wls - thanks for checking! I'm almost done reading a compendium, "Best Science Writing of 2006" - about half of the articles get terminology right and correctly present ideas, the other half have what ranges from a bit of sloppiness to outright nonsense. The worst article questioned whether being fat was bad for you. It stunk. The most egregious fallacy presented was a criticism of a paper that found being obese correlated with many serious health problems: the criticism was that the study ignored the health effects of being underweight.
No, that would be a "no" to the enemy of my enemy question.


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