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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13 elephants trample crops, man 

A MAN was killed by an elephant during a standoff between a herd of elephants and villagers at Omuntele in the North [of Namibia] on Thursday.

Thirteen elephants, including three calves, escaped from the Etosha National Park. They trampled crops and mahangu fields, and villagers tried to chase them back to Etosha, shooting into the air with their rifles.

One elephant was wounded by a bullet fired by a villager. But this did not deter the elephants, which then stormed at the people. The villagers tried to run away, but two people collided with each other and one fell to the ground.

One of the elephants trampled the villager to death.

[Police Deputy Commissioner Ndahangwapo] Kashihakumwa blamed the villagers for not having informed the Police in time and instead trying on their own to chase the elephants away ... However, some villagers claim that Councillor Sacky Nangula called the Okatope Police immediately when the elephants arrived at the village, but the Police said they did not have a car.


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