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Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Elephant invasion" 


The range officer of Bankadaha, Bishnupur was seen making a tough attempt to rescue a forest guard from the clutches of the villagers on Tuesday. The aggrieved villagers had detained the guard who was patrolling in the Kulupur village.

The cause of resentment was that the forest department had remained indifferent to the recurring problem of elephant invasion. ... A herd of six residential elephants have been wreaking havoc in the villages surrounding the Bishnupur town for the last week.

The herd killed a villager, Lashkar Murmu in the tribal-dominated Joygoria village on Monday. Another villager Noor Mondal fractured his leg while trying to flee the area after the six-member herd invaded the village.

Mr Balai Ghosh, the range officer of Bankadaha finally managed to rescue his man after making sure that the villages under the range would be continously patrolled by two guards together. Mr Ghosh said: "The elephants are wreaking havoc. It is astonishing that a part of the residential herd have turned hostile and are attacking the villages. This behaviour is abnormal.",


A circus elephant trampled its mahout to death in southeastern Banglaesh and then ran around a highway, scaring off people, police said on Thursday.

Police said trouble began when the mahout hit the elephant on its head with an iron bar after the animal resisted walking through a river bridge near Barishal city, 280 km (175 miles) south of the capital Dhaka, on Wednesday.


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