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- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not much to it 

I honestly don't remember any of McCain's speech up to the point where he alluded to about a dozen policy particulars without doing more than mention all of them without explanation. About a quarter of them had to do with taxes.

We can assume the specifics have been promulgated in detail over the last eight years, so maybe no explanation was necessary. As his audience thundered for Bush, perhaps no explanation was necessary.

It seems obvious to me that this speech, along with Palin's of yesterday aimed to fire up the base of 20% of voters who really still dig Bush. So maybe the events of the last week primarily intend to reassure Republican donors' dollars haven't gone completely to waste ... "We fought the good fight".

PS: Reading TPM, they caught a bizarre backdrop from one point of the speech: Does this mean to convey McCain stands up for the good people of Margaritaville during their two and a half weeks of vacation? Luxury leaders, they are.

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