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- H. L. Mencken

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stock market, Rupublicans erratic: humorists lament the impossiblity to write satire about the McCain campaign 

The tumult in the stock market should come as no surprise to those who realize exceptionally good or bad days are driven by the psychological perceptions of those hoping to make a gain in the sort term, but I think everyone regardless of stripes is shocked by the erratic behavior of the GOP over the last few days. Politics is now finnier than political satire could ever be. Just a few examples follow.

Today, the RNC introduced an ad blaming Democrats for the passage of the Wall Street bailout bill, which of course didn't pass,

They must not have caught wind of McCain campaign's claims of taking credit for the sure passage of the same bill,

McCain attempted to blame Barak and Democrats for shooting down the widely unpopular piece of legislation - who exactly is McCain expecting to appeal to here? Undecideds who were both for the legislation and against the Democrats on the same side of the legislation as McCain? It's too confusing to ponder for very long.

Even better, McCain and Palin attempt to couch a real-time debate between them as ... uh, a "Gotcha" question from a Palin supporter at a rally,

Then again, that's nothing compared to McCain's short debate with himself.

Here's Palin contrasting the choice before voters this presidential election, "I'm the new energy, the new face, the new ideas [vs] ... experience."

If an anonymously penned book about this election got zapped back to, say - July, it would be an immediate best seller --- in the vein of Being There and Dr. Strangelove.

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