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"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
- H. L. Mencken

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What do the McCain and Obama plans mean for YOUR tax bills? 

The Washington Post presented a more granular view earlier this week,

mccain vs obama tax plan

What does it mean that McCain continually claims Obama will raise "your" taxes? He's lying. I hope to chronicle all of the McCain campaign's lies of the last week tomorrow.

Unless the widely accepted increases in Democratic majorities in the Houses of Congress continue the rubber stamp of Bush policies into a McCain presidency, this only shows the priorities of the two presidential candidates. McCain: "Rich people are persecuted by the tax code. Rich people should be richer." Obama: "The richest people in America will still do well if their taxes are increased to that which they experienced under Clinton."

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