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Monday, November 03, 2008

Anecdotes from knocking 

I had a territory of 100-150 houses in a precinct that generally votes 80% DFL although a few of the streets were McCain havens.

From what I understand, the undecided voters I report to the precinct manager are forwarded to the central call center who calls to talk about the issues I've indicated for that undecided voter from face-to-face contact. I've also been encouraged to return with one-page handouts - localized on a state level - for that undecided voter's concerns.

I don't know if it's true, but heard on NPR that Lincoln's campaign was the first to systematically target voters: for each door knock, the household was recorded on one of three colored cards: one color to indicate support for the opposition (these addresses were not revisited), another color for the undecideds (who were revisited until they became decided), and a third color for supporters (who were revisted late in the campaign to make sure they voted).

That is the backbone of how my precinct manager has trained me in his foyer. Having heard it before, I think I was a quick learner.


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