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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Frog photos 

Some new photos of my dart frogs.

dendrobates auratus, turquoise morph

My auratus from eggs - still young, so still shy, but you can see the variation in color rather well here. (lower right and upper right)

dendrobates leucomelas, banded morph

Second try with banded leucomelas four of the first five I received died within a few days of shipping - they were too young to endure the stress. The "banded" morph are from British Guyana and are different from the Venezuelan "standard" morph in that they have relatively few black spots in the yellow bands, are significantly larger on average and harder to breed. I got four from a different breeder this time - they arrived as near adults. In fact at least one is calling already. The trill sounds like a playing card flapping across bicycle spokes. Very nice and audible from across the room.

dendrobates leucomelas, banded morph

They are shy and skittish. I'm still preparing their permanent vivarium. I read they will act bolder when given a densely planted environment.

dendrobates azureus

The azureus pair. They've gave a clutch of eggs last week which didn't develop. Common among nearly all the darts in the Dendrobatidae family, it takes a few clutches before they get it right.

dendrobates tinctorius, Brazilian yellow head morph

The Brazilian yellow heads (D. tinctorius), my favorites. Bold and beautiful even as juveniles, as they are here. Once sexable, they'll need to be separated with one female per tank, as the girls of this species fight each other often to death, and even if they get along, they eat one an other's eggs. Kinky lesbian frog sex!

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