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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Frog update 

Close up of a Brazilian Yellow Head D. tinctorius. They are about an inch or perhaps a little more long.

Close up of a green and bronze D. auratus - the black is turning notably more bronze every few weeks.

The D. azureus lovers. Still no fertile eggs. Maybe they'd feel more amorous if they didn't ust crap where ever they happen to be.

Sad news: I moved my 4 near-adult leucomelas to a new vivarium today and discovered one has escaped! Judging from their reactions to a recorded call I believed I had two males; I haven't heard a call in a week or more. I either had one male - the escapee - or hopefully the remaining male no longer feels compelled to call. I've read leucs have two calls: one territorial that mostly occurs an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset and another call to woo females that occurs whenever they feel so moved. Indeed, the vast majority of calls I've heard have been between and hour and two after lights on, so I'm hopeful once they're sexually mature I'll get some fertile eggs. I moved my juvenile banded leuc in with the remaining three. The old, unplanted viv:

Anyway, the viv would have been escape-proof if the guy at FCA would have made and shipped my custom tops by now. I paid him in full - including shipping costs - on October 13. Everyone who keeps aquarium animals knows how it feels to lose a pet due to human error; I did take a risk by ordering the tops at the time when they shipped, but like, he said he'd ship the tops in two or three weeks. It's been ten.

UPDATE 12/24 11:45 AM. I still have a boy! My ears are plugged with a cold and the pipes in the building can actually sort of sound like a leuc call, but after wondering if I was just hearing what I wanted to hear for the last few hours, I finally and conclusively heard a call with my ear right up to the vivarium. There's still a boy, fantastic.

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