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Monday, January 05, 2009

Hydroponic herb garden, Winter 2008/2009 

All plants other than the new sprouts and pepper cuttings were started in peat pellets and established in a flood and drain system with 500 PPM Supernatural GrowAqua solution under 16 hours light/day from 4 x 54W T5 bulbs. The pepper cuttings were put in the hydro system at the same time as the herbs. After about two weeks the solution was changed out and upped to 850 PPM, significantly higher than I intended but everyone seems to be doing OK despite the recently conquered spider mite infestation.

Italian basil, today and on December 3rd, pinched back once two weeks ago at 10 - 12 leaves, maybe a little late,

italian basil

italian basil seedling

Sage today and a month ago. This it the first time I've grown sage, but it seemed to respond violently to pinching back - went from six or 8 to all these leaves in two weeks,


sage seedling

Parsley today and a month ago,


parsley seedling

Bhut jolokia pepper cutting, today and a month ago which was about six weeks after taking the cutting,

bhut jolokia cutting

jolokia cutting

Chocolate habanero cutting, today and a month ago - new growth starting at top and base after losing all its leaves to a spider mite infestation,

chocolate habanero cutting

chocolate habanero


mystery lettuce


French rosemary,

french rosemary

french rosemary sprout

Spearmint, started last week,

spearmint sprouts

Tomato, started a few days ago,

tomato sprout

Peas, started a few days ago,

pea sprout

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Hi Eric

Can you explain how and what you did with the chili cuttings (it's cloning right?)

I tried three cuttings from three varieties of pepper - two eventually worked, but it took a long time. I recall I used no rooting hormone, maybe that would help.
PS, here's a search with some articles and videos on how to generate a new plant from a cutting: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+clone+cutting


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