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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leucomelas tadpoles 

D. leucomelas tadploles, a few minutes after emerging from their eggs followed by the clutch after I trimmed the leaf it was on.

d. leucomeleas tadpoles

d. leucomeleas tadpoles

Common names for this species are yellow and black poison frog and bumblebee poison frog. This is the "banded" morph from British Guyana. From what I read this morph is a finickier breeder in captivity than the non-banded morph from Venezuela. The non-banded morph has black spotting in the yellow areas.

Two of the 2.1 trio of parents are pictured below. These are from the first clutch of eggs - at least the first clutch I found. It typically takes young adult dart frogs a few clutches before they "get it right" - the first few tries commonly produce infertile eggs or if they are fertilized, the tadpoles don't develop normally.

d. leucomeleas frogs

Yesterday, I found three freshly laid eggs under their coco hut. Today, I dug around to see if there was another clutch and discovered one on a leaf outside the coco hut with four well developed tadpoles - three of which came out of their eggs just minutes after I sprayed them with water.

Here are the freshly laid eggs and a shot of one of the tadpoles after hatching.

d. leucomeleas eggs

d. leucomeleas tadpole

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