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"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
- H. L. Mencken

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Geldolf with Bush over Africa 

It's a fascinating essay.

"Some of these thoughts, were they applied to Iraq, would have profound implications on the man's understanding of how the world functions."

One can hope!

Sunday, February 17, 2008



Nation building update 

bill clinton statue

1-0 Pansy Democrats.

P.S. G.W. Bush had the, um, advantage of starting the war as he pleased whereas G.H.W. Bush and Clinton didn't have the luxury of starting their wars at the time of their choosing.

A bit too patient ... 

I just opened up my container of apple seeds stratifying in the refrigerator since this past fall ...

apple seeds germinating

I intend to use some of these for bonsai.

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Maples and redwood today 

Started soaking 5 Japanese laceleaf maple and 5 Japanese red maple seeds today - in the refrigerator. Started soaking 64 coastal redwood seeds, at room temperature.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hot chilis started 

Today, I began soaking some chili pepper seeds in 6.0 pHed 100 ppm gibberillan R/O water. Generally from hottest to mildest,

They will soak for a day after which I'll place them on paper towels in plastic containers. Hot chili peppers can take a lot longer than bell peppers to germinate. Out of the 12 tepin seeds I placed in paper towels 25 days ago, only two have sprouted.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dumbest of Republicans apparently no smarter 

I was looking at McCain's campaign site today. It's a cut and paste right wing propaganda job. His solution to every problem is lower taxes, more troops in Iraq, being more ready to blow up more things and not allowing any "legislating from the bench".

Dedicated Republican voters are Pavlovian dogs trained to jump to wrong conclusions upon hearing any one of over a dozen (but less than a score) key words and short phrases. For instance, when they hear "legislate from the bench" they think "dead babies" instead of "the process of creating precedent, creating that body of law known as case law." When they hear "climate change" they think "Al Gore's house is HUGE!" instead of, "God, I hope we're not absolutely screwed." When they hear "tax cuts" they think "Always good! Never bad! NEVER!" instead of "Haven't we already spent enough future generations' taxes?"

There's much anecdotal evidence that today, an unprecedented amount Americans are again accepting shared consensual reality over the keyword-induced mass hysteria spun by the "movement conservatives". And statistical evidence supports the anecdotal,

Call it the enthusiasm gap: In everything from voter turnout to campaign fundraising, Republicans are lagging in ways that could mean trouble in November.

Nationwide, the Democratic vote [in primaries] has swamped the GOP. While 10.9 million Americans have voted in Republican primaries so far, 15.7 million - 44% more - have voted in Democratic ones.

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Seed check-in 

For my "just soak them in giberillin solution and wait," I've moved four seeds of each species into rockwool cubes, two cubes/two seeds. Nothing sprouting other than ones I had to mark "??" as I didn't label them and I don't recognize them. They could be roma tomato all puffed up, but I believe more than the two would have sprouted by now.

The string beans got mushy.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sowing Seeds Second Time around 

I failed horribly last December. The sinicuichi and oregano are the only survivors. I believe the pH of 5.0 was too acidic to allow most of the seeds to sprout. The kratom - the final and third species that did germinate out of the nine - was killed by death from a spray I intended to kill only fungus and mold.

This evening in peat-pellets, I sowed,

I saturated the peat pellets with R/O water with giberillin to 100 ppm. Two pellets per cultivar, one with seeds pressed into soil, one with seeds exposed on top.

In the same pHed giberillin solution, I began to soak seeds of,

I recently performed an experiment on notoriously hard to germinate Sceletium tortuosum seeds by just letting them sit in a giberillin solution. It's about three weeks later and 80% of them have germinated so far while the control group (just in rockwool) has sprouted 20%. I don't have a control group this time, mostly because I'm lazy and take up enough space as it is but also because I had little more than 12 of many of the seeds, so it would be difficult to say which seed's germination was hastened or improved by the giberillin.

UPDATE 2/16: decided a 10 day soak in giberillin solution was a better idea than an experiment with no control that would give me sprouts I want to grow or drowned seeds. Placed all that batch of seeds in wet paper towels inside 1/2 cup plastic containers. Placed all of them in a paper towel on top of the refrigerator where it's a bit warmer.

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