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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Drink for a cold recipe: "Moldy Daisy" 

I made this up last night and felt 50% over my cold this morning so am repeating it tonight. It's delicious. I don't know if it contributed to my partial recovery, but like I told the checkout guy who asked about kombucha, "It doesn't hurt."

moldy daisy

Juice the lemons and press the juice out of the ginger with a garlic press - use a bit of the ginger fiber if you want. I used a lot. Dissolve the honey in the fruit juices by stirring, it disolves pretty easily and that way you don't lose the fizz of the kombucha.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby cricket factory 

I learned how to do this here, so just a quick walk around the cricket ranch.

Here's the feeding trough. They're eating cat food and powdered milk. As soon as I placed the lid full of food in the ranch, they started carrying off whole nuggets a third their size and greater in weight.

cricket farm trough

Crickets are pretty stupid and will drown themselves in any available open water so you have to give them something to suck on.

cricket farm watering hole

The egg cartons are just for them to crawl around on and hide under.

The small tub of soil is for the lady crickets to lay their eggs in. The broods arising from the small incubator will carry on the colony. As per the baby crickets born of the large incubator ... well, I'm not going to do anything Pol Pot didn't do, but I won't do it as efficiently and on a much smaller scale.

cricket in cubator

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fruit fly culture experiment 

I'm growing flightless fruit flies to feed my pet plants. About a month ago I bought a culture of them from a pet store for $5.99 - I believe today I bought enough ingredients to make dozens of times more flies for about the same price. First, here is the store purchased culture.

purchased fruit fly culture

Because millions of people without in-sink disposals unwittingly make fruit fly cultures every day I figure it's rather difficult to fail in the venture. I've read that using vinegar instead of water inhibits mold growth so I threw into the blender a small apple, half a package of potato buds, half a package of baking yeast and wet it down a bit with apple cider vinegar.

diy fruit fly food

I kept the apple peels for springtail food. Or more accurately, food for springtail food. More on that tomorrow.

apple peels

After blending everything down to a cookie dough consistency, I used a root beer bottle to mash the mush more or less evenly across the bottoms of a mason jar and pickle jar. I put one in the freezer for later.


I learned a new word today, excelsior,

wood shavings (thin curly wood shavings used for packing or stuffing)

In this case, the source of my excelsior - pods of a Northern Catalpa - proved the first positive about having a nearly all year mess of the foot-long woody pods in the yard. Those woody pods are perfect excelsior material for my pet flies to find a purchase.


I shook 30-40 flies from the original culture into their new breeding grounds and locked them in with a paper towel and rubber bands.

put a lid on it

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three of salsas habaneros 

I first diced then slightly browned the habaneros and garlic in chili oil, adding salt and the diced tomatoes later.

browned habaneros

This mixture was blended and pureed with about 8 oz. of each of three bases,

mango, avacado and honeydew, carrot

Served with chips and black beans,

mango, avacado and honeydew, carrot

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