Thursday, January 29, 2004

Defined as the Thursday before Groundhog's Day, Trout Thursday is a completely open holiday . There's no religious origins, there's no official ceremony, there's no preconceived notion of what you're supposed to do, feel, be, or say. The only rule is, you have to eat trout. After that, it's up to you.

The victims

the trout

The torture

the torture

This year, I decided to cook the trout in the skin and before de-boning. Last year's technique was more labor intensive, but resulted in nicer nuggets, more befitting of a pizza topping.

Decorating the pie

Decorating the pie

decorating the pie more

Mmmm, good, I'm lovin' it

Mmmmm good

Ann, savoring a morsel


Erik and Dave

Decorating the pie

Dave #2 and Rachel

Decorating the pie

We made a new friend, Dave #2 from the next table, who had "plenty of trout in is freezer." From Alaska. Perhaps Dave will fly through his supply now that he's been turned on to the joy of trout pizza.

My fellow Evolter, Rachel came over from St. Paul for the festivities. Rachel is the first Evolter I've met.

Rachel and the evil fish

Rachel and the fish pizza

Rachel demonstrates that she does not eat fish.